Why should you partner with our factory?


Our Mission is to Engineer the Production Process, such that we can Ethically Mass Produce the Highest Quality Garments at Prices that Compete Globally.

As a business, we committed to In Full, On Time, Superior Quality Deliveries.

Business Reasons

As part of the AGOA program – (The Africa Growth and Opportunities Act) it allows for Duty Free imports into the USA on Single Transformation. Ie we can source the best fabrics in the World and convert them into Duty Free Garments.

Our local currency the MGA has weakened significantly in the last 2 years. It shows no signs of recovering.

Although there is local inflation, because of the consistent weakening of the MGA, negative inflation is being experienced in terms of Dollar transactions. So expect prices to come down over a period of time.

In Madagascar the government negotiates wage rates with the unions, these in turn are gazetted and form the basis of all remuneration structures.

As such people are all treated justly and fairly. Resulting in no strike actions, meaning on time deliveries.

Madagascar does not celebrate Chinese New Year, meaning you get consistent production deliveries 12 months of the year.

Madagascan people are small in stature but have a massive sense of self honour. You will know for sure that when it’s “Made in Madagascar”, it’s going to be a quality product made with pride.

The local labourers have “petite” hands this allows them to be excellent seamstresses because of their dexterity.

We are “committed” to delivering the Right Quality at the Right Price on Time.

Humanitarian Reasons

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world.

With a Population of over 23 million people, only around 550,000 people are formally employed.

Currently much of Madagascar relies on World Food Programs and handouts from the IMF.

By supporting “Madagascar Garments” you will help break the cycle of Poverty.

The clothing industry has low barriers of entry when it comes to creating sustainable employment. Skills can be taught relatively easily and capital investment per capita is comparably low to other industries.

When operating at full capacity our AGOA specific factory will employ over 1,000 staff. Each of those people in turn will support around 10 other people.

As such your choice to support “Madagascar Garments” will help create sustainable employment that will feed over 10,000 of the poorest people in the world.

Furthermore, once we reach a production capacity of over 80% we will launch our local education program. Starting with the family members of our labour force. As the saying goes:

“If you have a 1 year plan plant rice, If you have a 10 year plan plant trees , If you have a 100 year plan educate the children”

Education costs money, people need to be employed to generate that income.

The USA Market is the most sought after market in the world. As buyers you have the choice of manufacturing anywhere you choose.

  • So if Price is important to you be assured we’ll be competitive.
  • If Quality is important we’ll ensure your standards are met.
  • If timeous Delivery is important we’ll commit to never Over Promising and Under Delivering.
  • If your Company or Brand prides itself on being Socially Responsible, a partnership with Madagascar Garments will be a story worth telling.

We are looking for Long Term Sustainable Partnerships. Allow us to engage with your buying team, it will be the best business decision you’ve ever made.